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The New Deal in Payroll Software and End of Year Filing

PayThyme's powerful EoY internet filing module, FileThyme, has been used successfully to submit end of year returns over the internet for more than a thousand organisations, with hundreds of thousands of employees having had their P14s submitted this way. A significant proportion of this has been accomplished by integrating FileThyme with clients' existing payroll software. In addition to its use as an integral PayThyme module, FileThyme can be used in stand-alone mode, or can be integrated with other payroll software. Whether you need a complete payroll, or wish to add a proven end of year FBI (filing by internet) capability to your existing payroll software, talk to us today.

5th October 2005 - PayThyme wins Linux and Open Source 2005 Awards:

At the dinner and awards ceremony for the Linux and Open Source Awards 2005 PayThyme took the award in the category for the Best Linux/Open Source Server Application.

The awards event, organised by Maggie Meer of Linuxuser & Developer magazine, saw such well-known names as IBM, Red Hat, Nokia and Hewlett-Packard winning awards in other categories.

(Click here for ZD Net's article on the Awards)

PayThyme is a UK statutory payroll software package. It offers payroll professionals many benefits and we believe that it will, in time, become the standard by which payrolls in general are judged:
  • Power and Flexibility
    PayThyme runs the largest and most complex payrolls, but is easy to configure and use.
  • Freedom of use
    You can use PayThyme as you wish, with no restrictive licencing getting in the way of the day to day running of your payroll.
  • Scalability
    With no inbuilt limitations on employee numbers, number of payrolls and number of users, your PayThyme system can grow with your business.
  • Control over costs
    No need to pay more each time you increase employee numbers or run more payrolls - a single annual subscription pays for support for the next twelve months regardless of how many additional employees you take on.
  • Value for money
    PayThyme is a turnkey solution, with everything you need to run your payroll, plus training of your payroll personnel and Premium Support for the first year.

Inland Revenue End of Year Returns : Filing by Internet . . .  talk to us today!

It is compulsory now for employers with more than 50 employees to make their EoY submissions online or face financial penalties. HMRC provide an online facility of their own to enable employers - typically those with only a few employees - to do this.

Employers with fewer than 50 employees do not have to do this yet, but if they do, they get a financial incentive from HMRC each year until to 2010, when filing online becomes compulsory.

To help employers HMRC have provided an on-line filing service using the Government Gateway : e-filing, or Filing by Internet (FBI).

PayThyme payroll has its own software for online submission of EoY returns, which we call FileThyme. FileThyme will run independently of PayThyme, on Windows or Linux. If your payroll does not have internet filing facilities, talk to us - we can help you.

Whether you are a payroll administrator, a payroll bureau or a payroll software developer, FileThyme can help - quite apart from sales of our own complete PayThyme payroll, hundreds of payrolls developed by other companies are now using FileThyme as their EoY filing module.

HMRC told us that they received EoY submissions from at least 1315 employers for hundreds of thousands of their employees, via FileThyme during April and May 2005. These employers included submissions from payroll bureaux, temporary staff agencies, major building contractors, a nationally-known charity and many others.

Even more submitted their returns online using FileThyme in 2006 and 2007, while in 2007 the P14 error rate for FileThyme improved dramatically from an already industry-beating 0.02% (industry average for P14 errors was 4.5% and HMRC's own online software returned a 0.2% error rate), to just 0.007% for the 2007 tax year - these figures come from HMRC.

Contact us today to discuss your payroll and EoY filing needs.

Click here for more detailed information on File Thyme.

Out-source your payroll to PayThyme Bureau Services

As well as providing PayThyme systems for end users, we offer a payroll bureau service for businesses of all sizes. We can also help you submit your EoY and other submissions to HMRC and other Government Departments online, using FileThyme, our own Government Gateway standards-compliant Internet submissions software.

Call Vanessa Hayling or Jim Welch on 0121 313 3855 to discuss these services.

PayThyme payroll in the news

After exhaustive live-testing over an eighteen month period, PayThyme was formally released on the 25th of November 2004. Ingrid Marson from ZDNet who was present wrote this review.

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